New Blog!

Having grown tired of dealing with Wordpress, I finally took the plunge and created a new static site blog with Hugo. So far so good: with a bit of googling I was able to get started relatively quickly!

Some of the features I like about Hugo:

  • Nice collection of themes
  • easy to use
  • static sites are much faster as rendering is already done
  • I can write my posts in Markdown!
  • git workflow: adding posts to my blog is the same process I use to make changes at work
  • live reloading: I can instantly see changes as I write or edit my site

I’m debating whether or not to port my old wordpress posts … but most likely I won’t. Many of them are now woefully outdated and don’t provide much help to anyone anymore. For example, my most popular post was about how to acquire a free ssl cert before the advent of Let’s Encrypt lol.

I’ll generaly be covering the same topics though: Linux, DevOps, Vim, and other related interests of mine.